Effective Revenue Management for Sales, Use & Transactions Tax

Sales, Use and Transactions Tax revenues are a vital component of local government finances, requiring effective management and detailed analysis. HdL’s comprehensive approach to revenue management is trusted by over 500 local governments, and will maximize your revenue sources while empowering your team with relevant and timely information.

Avoid lost revenue opportunities due to tax allocation errors or a lack of in-depth economic information. HdL's sales tax services provide the data, analysis, expertise, re-captured revenues, and precise revenue projections you need.


HdL's taxpayer friendly audits have recovered over $2 billion for local governments – and can find your “missing” revenues as well. Leveraging our specialized staff, software, and database systems, our comprehensive audits go beyond typical revenue recovery to help clients increase revenues.

Analysis and Management Support

HdL’s revenue experts are your “on-call” support team, providing insights and analysis on a wide range of complex topics including legislative insights, tax measures, economic development, and revenue sharing arrangements. Our expertise is powered by decades of experience as Finance Directors, Economic Development Directors, City Managers, and other key local government leadership positions. Whatever the topic, HdL is here to help.

Revenue Forecasting

The need for accurate revenue projections has never been greater; and the economic contexts affecting these projections have never been more complex. HdL meets this challenge through a structured, detailed, and logical approach which results in highly accurate revenue projections.

Client Data Analysis Website

HdL clients are provided access to HdL’s data analysis website, allowing authorized staff to tap into our powerful systems to retrieve insights, reports and data to facilitate a variety of financial, management and planning functions.

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