We kickstarted our #WearAPairGiveAPair sock campaign, presented on Revenue Recovery, Utility Users Tax, and Indirect Cost Recovery, and hosted a book signing with Keynote Speaker and Author, Chuck Gallagher. 

HdL Companies CSMFO 2022 Dinner

From left to right: Bobby Young, Mary Hubbell, Andy Nickerson,

Tracy Vesely, Kimberly Konczak, Susie Woodworth

Wear a Pair, Give a Pair Sock Campaign

We learned that one of the most requested items for homeless shelters are socks, so during the holidays,  HdL held an employee donation drive for new socks and donated them to local shelters. “Conducting a sock drive is a great way to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless and the health issues they have often due to poor podiatric hygiene because they lack something as basic as a pair of new, clean socks,” according to thejoyofsox.org. The HdL team was quick to act and donated more than 200 pairs to shelters in the communities we serve.

The HdL team, including Andy Nickerson and Connor Duckworth, saw an opportunity to do more and thus, the #wearapairgiveapair campaign was set in motion. We used our booth at the 2022 California Society of Municipal Finance Officers Annual Conference to kickstart the campaign and it was a huge success! Attendees picked up a pair of HdL socks on day one of the conference and returned day two to model their new swag. We enjoyed seeing the socks used as hand warmers, pocket squares or dressed up with a pair of heels! For every pair worn, we donated a pair to a local shelter (Uptown Community Service Center). A big thank you to those at the conference that supported this event!

CSMFO Team Socks

From left to right: Bobby Young, Joan Michaels Aguilar, Robert Gray, Connor Duckworth, Jennifer Pierce, Mary Hubbell, Howard Longballa (pocket square), Tracy Vesely (badge promoter)

HdL Sessions

Did you miss one of our sessions? HdL Principals, along with our city partners, came together on several current issues to share our perspectives and experiences. 

#1 Tracy Vesely, presented on “Revenue Recovery - From Riches to Rags, and Back to Riches?” with the City of Belmont. This session reviewed pandemic impacts, recent changes in the allocation of tax increment funds post-RDA, and the City’s revenue challenges. This case study illustrates the importance of utilizing a variety of revenue-raising tools, accurate long-term forecasting and adaptability to the changing economy. 

  • Download the presentation deck
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#2 Vikki Beatley, presented on “A Practical Approach – Utility Users Tax Administration and Lessons Learned” with the City of San Luis Obispo. This session discussed best practices for managing the utility users tax portfolio in your agency, industry perspective and history on why the revenue fluctuates and why local governments have seen significant declines over the last several years. The City shared their experience, the benefits, and the frustrations of turning over the administration of a UUT to a third party in a public-private partnership. 

  • Download the presentation deck
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  • Read Vikki’s recent article Utility Users Tax – The Stable Revenue?


#3 HdL partnered with eCivis, the leading grants management provider, to deliver indirect cost recovery services. eCivis VP, Nicolie Lettini, presented on “Indirect Costs and Federal Funding: What You Need to Know” with the City of Burbank. 

This session stressed the importance of maximizing and sustaining revenue. Fiscal recovery funds and federal grants are a chief source of revenue for state, local, and tribal governments. Agencies spend on average 30-40% of the total program cost on indirect costs to support federally funded grant programs. However, much of this indirect cost ends up being subsidized by the General Fund. It is critical that agencies understand their true costs in order to support their programs long-term. This session broke down the common misconceptions around indirect costs and the necessary steps to recover those costs. By maximizing federal funding through indirect cost recovery, agencies can come out of this COVID-19 era stronger than ever.

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  • Learn more about Indirect Cost Recovery


Book Signing with Keynote Speaker, Chuck Gallagher

Mr. Gallagher’s keynote speech on business ethics and the many faces of fraud was a highly attended, insightful part of day two ofChuck Gallagher 4 hdl companies csmfo the conference. HdL was proud to host Mr. Gallagher’s book signing event for “Every Choice has a Consequence,” his book that further discussed how even ethical people can make unethical choices. We were honored to be gifted a signed edition to add to our employee library in our headquarters office in Brea, California. 

 Chuck Gallagher 3 hdl companies csmfo



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Agencies spend on average 30%-40% of total program cost in indirect (soft) costs to support federally funded grant programs. And more often than not, these costs end up subsidized by the already stretched and/or overburdened General Fund.

The good news? Grant awards allow for reimbursement of these indirect costs, so it’s time to stop leaving money on the table. That’s where HdL can help - by recovering these uncaptured costs and returning them to your agency.

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