HdL has experienced growth and success thanks to a caring team and partners that share our goals and core values.

Learn more about the newest services our teams initiated, partnerships established and internal additions that HdL celebrated in 2021. 


New Services

ARPA Consultation 

hdl companies arpa american rescue plan act

HdL's ECONSolutions Team has the experience and insight to assist agencies with American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) regulation, compliance and maximization of funds. We offer custom strategic planning and development consulting and can assist with Market Studies, Recovery Action Plans, Resident vs Non-Resident Analysis, Staffing Services, etc. HdL is currently assisting 15 local government agencies with ARPA support services. Download the flyer HERE


Business Tax Enhancement Services

HdL’s Tax and Fee Administration Team will modernize your business tax municipal code and tax structure, which will improve clarity and incorporate current business trends and municipal needs, while ensuring equity. HdL believes it is important to maximize current revenue streams before seeking to expand taxes. Our compliance services will do just that, ensuring that all entities performing business activities within your jurisdiction are properly registered and paying the appropriate taxes and fees. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 


Indirect Cost Recovery Services

hdl companies indirect cost recovery ecivis

Fiscal Recovery Funds and Federal Grants are a chief source of revenue across the board for state, local, and tribal governments. HdL leverages that funding to increase revenue and is the only provider to manage the indirect cost recovery process from beginning to end: from indirect cost rate determination to reimbursement to your General Fund. Click HERE to learn more and calculate your potential indirect cost reimbursement. 


Utility User Tax Services

The HdL Tax and Fee Administration Team has added Utility Users Tax to the long list of revenue sources they can manage. Utility users taxes are instrumental to on-going municipal operations and continuity of service delivery to communities across California. Read HdL Principal, Vikki Beatley's thoughts on how UUT has been significantly impacted over the last several years HERE




HdL partnered with eCivis, the most widely-used SaaS-based grants management solution for state, local and tribal governments. Together, HdL and eCivis will draw on their extensive public sector experience to help local governments obtain additional federal funding for the communities they serve. Through this relationship, HdL will be responsible for project management and initial data collection, and eCivis will leverage its expertise in accurately calculating and negotiating indirect costs to source additional revenue from federal programs. Read the full press release HERE


Mastering Midsized

HdL partnered with Mastering Midsized to help broaden our vision and diversify our portfolio through leadership development. A new model of leadership and strategic M&A resulted in 5X growth. "Robert Sher and his team have greatly assisted HdL in building a strong and stable leadership team which supercharged our growth. We plan and implement systematically, and all our key players are fully accountable for their results," said Andy Nickerson, HdL President and CEO. Read the case study HERE

hdl companies leadership case study mastering midsized


North Texas Innovation Alliance 

HdL partnered with the North Texas Innovation Alliance (NTXIA) to support public sector innovation and maximize revenue streams. In partnering with the NTXIA, HdL joins nearly three dozen city, county, agency, economic development, academic and private sector members, working collaboratively on programs that advance new solutions to large-scale challenges – one of the most critical being financial models and revenue generation. Read the press release and Gov Tech interview HERE


Tripepi Smith

HdL partnered with Tripepi Smith, a marketing, technology and public affairs agency. Our teams have worked together to promote California and Texas agencies. Tripepi Smith President, Ryder Smith, interviewed HdL President and CEO, Andy Nickerson about the history of HdL, consumer trends, economic forecasts, local government challenges and what agencies are doing right in the midst of the pandemic. Watch the full podcast interview HERE


Company Culture

Board Members

Founder of HdL Companies, Robert “Bob” Hinderliter, announced his retirement from HdL’s Board of Directors effective December 31st, 2020. This year HdL had the pleasure of adding Mr. Brian Norusis and Mr. Henry Gardner to our Board of Directors. 

Mr. Norusis has over 25 years of experience growing customer focused, professional services teams in high growth environments around the world. He currently serves as the President and COO at Envisio, the leader in strategic planning software for municipalities. 

Mr.  Gardner has had a long and distinguished career in both the public and private sectors. He was appointed City Manager for the City of Oakland, California and has the longest tenure in that position in the City’s history. He is also a founder and past president of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, an organization dedicated to the advancement of black public leadership in local and state governments.



hdl companies cotribute charity

The Co.tribute platform not only allows the HdL Team to experience the joy of giving to the many charitable organizations that we support, but to also come together to assist our own colleagues when unforeseen needs arise. Andy Nickerson, HdL’s President and CEO stated, “I am excited for us all to benefit from this new generosity platform as we seek to make a positive impact on people, our communities and our world together.”


Diversity and Inclusion Group

HdL established a Diversity and Inclusion group to (1) increase cultural awareness and promote acceptance, (2) discover employees with great potentail and advocate professional development, (3) strengthen employee engagement, and (4) provide cross-functional teamwork resulting in more innovative ideas. In a recent "Lunch and Learn," Mr. Henry L. Gardner, HdL Board Member and former City Manager of the City of Oakland, spoke to the importance of diversity in the workplace. Watch a clip from the session HERE


Work-Life Balance

HdL lives by its core values. (See all six HERE.) When Covid hit, HdL's Executive Team reacted quickly and efficiently with their employees' best interests in mind and set everyone up to work remotely for a year and a half. Company-wide care packages became a staple to connect to employees, lift spirits and pay gratitude for continued hard work and success. The first package came in 2020 and was a "Work-From-Home Survival Kit." It contained a myriad of goodies including cookies "because we think you are one smart 'cookie'" and a candle "to keep you in a 'scent-sational' mood while you work." Read more about its contents and HdL employees' appreciation in Robert Scher's article "How to Keep Your Company Culture Strong in Depressing, Isolating Times." 2021's package was a cheery lemon "aid" themed gift with a note that "2020 gave us lemons, but you gave us lemon-aid. Thank you for squeezing the day!" Work-life balance is continuously encouraged by HdL leaders, employees continue to feel valued and work hard, and the company continues to grow. Happy employees, happy company! 

hdl companies care package covid



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Webinar: Unleash Your Grant Portfolio & Save Your General Fund

Thursday, April 20th at 11 AM PDT

Agencies spend on average 30%-40% of total program cost in indirect (soft) costs to support federally funded grant programs. And more often than not, these costs end up subsidized by the already stretched and/or overburdened General Fund.

The good news? Grant awards allow for reimbursement of these indirect costs, so it’s time to stop leaving money on the table. That’s where HdL can help - by recovering these uncaptured costs and returning them to your agency.

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Revenue - unrestricted - direct to your General Fund. Join us to find out how!


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